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About Us

Since its inception in 1932, the Geneva Youth Hostel Association (AGAJ) has been committed to a mission of hospitality and cultural exchange. Through the Geneva Hostel, located in the historic and iconic Rothschild buildings and its 1986 annex, we offer a variety of accommodations, supported by the city of Geneva. These places, dedicated to travelers of all backgrounds, facilitate access to Geneva's treasures, while providing a full range of services.

Our prime location is an invitation to discover Geneva, with its international institutions, museums, and the beauty of its lake. From free Wi-Fi to included breakfast, parking options, and our laundry facilities, every service is designed to enrich your experience.

Beyond accommodation, Geneva Hostel and AGAJ foster a deeper mission: to encourage cultural exchanges and promote accessible, enriching, and respectful tourism. Our commitment to sustainable development is reflected in ecological initiatives such as reducing our energy consumption, recycling, and raising ecological awareness. Staying with us means participating in a vision of travel that respects our planet and contributes to a better world.

Geneva Hostel is much more than just a place to stay; it is a convergence point where cultures and stories meet, fostering authentic encounters and shared experiences. We invite you to join us to experience Geneva in all its authenticity, in a setting that honors its past while looking towards a sustainable future.


Geneva Association of Youth Hostels Charter

The Geneva Hostel: A Hub for Sustainable Tourism

Welcoming tens of thousands of travelers from all backgrounds annually, Geneva Hostel is a hub of intercultural and multigenerational exchange and life.

It is committed to society, its environment, and the economy through various means:

Social, Health, and Safety

  • Welcoming all individuals without discrimination
  • Pricing policy accessible to budget-conscious tourists
  • Providing spaces for interaction
  • Offering healthy and nutritionally balanced meals
  • Reliable equipment that minimizes health and safety risks

Quality Employment

  • Stable jobs in a warm atmosphere
  • Favorable working conditions and training opportunities
  • Wages and benefits at least equal to industry standards
  • Fighting against all forms of discrimination

Environment and Climate

  • Energy savings in lighting and equipment
  • Increased use of renewable energies
  • Preference for local and seasonal food products
  • Waste reduction and recycling of remaining waste
  • Water protection through the use of ecological cleaning products
  • Promoting soft mobility for guests
  • Applying sustainable construction principles and heritage enhancement in maintenance and renovation of buildings, in full collaboration with the City of Geneva, the property owner

Local and Solidarity Economy

  • Using local producers and businesses as availability allows
  • Stable and respectful partnerships with suppliers
  • Engagement with actors in the social and solidarity economy

Sustainable and Efficient Management

  • Service and hospitality quality meeting Swiss tourism standards
  • Transparent and rigorous management in compliance with legal provisions
  • Active cooperation with local tourism partners

Geneva Hostel validates its commitments and concrete actions through consistent and sustainable management, evidenced by highly demanding recognized certifications.

Director: Moudi KAVEH

President: Stéphane GENDRE



Geneva Hostel Gallery

Browse our gallery to discover the welcoming spaces and unique moments that define Geneva Hostel, a visual preview of your next destination in Geneva.


Our Partners

With our partners, we enrich your experience at the Geneva Hostel, connecting you to the heart of Geneva's life and culture.


“ Where history meets comfort, and cultures intertwine: Welcome home, in the heart of Geneva. ”

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