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Our restaurant at Geneva Hostel is committed to offering a complete and environmentally friendly culinary experience, capable of satisfying a wide variety of dietary needs while showcasing Swiss cuisine. With a dining hall that seats up to 120 people, we are perfectly equipped to welcome individuals, families, and groups, ensuring a friendly space for all your meals.

From the morning, our included breakfast buffet offers a broad range of choices to start your day right. For other meals, our restaurant stands out for its ability to cater to all dietary regimes, be they vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or others, ensuring every guest finds tasty and suitable options.

In line with our commitment to sustainable development, we prioritize the use of local and seasonal products in our dishes, thereby reducing our ecological footprint while supporting local producers. This approach is also reflected in our special offer of rösti and fondue, allowing guests to discover and enjoy Swiss cuisine classics.

For groups and special events in our conference rooms, we provide tailored catering options, from simple coffee breaks to elaborate banquets, all prepared with the same commitment to quality and dietary preferences.

Our restaurant is a place where friendliness, culinary diversity, and environmental respect come together to enrich your experience at Geneva Hostel, letting you discover Swiss flavors while catering to your specific needs.


Our Menu

Our menu highlights iconic Swiss dishes with a modern twist, including traditional Swiss fondue and crispy rösti, made from premium local ingredients. All our meat dishes, whether beef, chicken, or pork, originate from Switzerland, with chicken also sourced from Denmark.

In addition to these specialties, our snacking selection offers options for all tastes, featuring fresh vegetables from Switzerland and Europe, and fish from the sustainable waters of the Northeast Pacific (FAO Zone No. 67) and Northwest Pacific (FAO Zone No. 61). Each dish is an invitation to explore the authentic flavors and quality ingredients we are proud to serve.


  • Raw vegetable saladCHF 6.-
  • Soup of the dayCHF 6.-
  • Charcuterie platterCHF 9.-

Snacks E

  • French FriesCHF 5.-
  • Chicken NuggetsCHF 8.-
  • Fish and ChipsCHF 10.-
  • Chicken NuggetsCHF 12.-
  • THE Menu BurgerCHF 17.-

Main Courses

  • Rösti "Le Vaudois"CHF 17.-
  • Rösti "Le Paysan"CHF 16.-
  • Rösti "Le St-Gallen"CHF 16.-
  • Rösti "Le Raclette"CHF 18.-
  • Swiss FondueCHF 23.-


  • SodaCHF 2.-
  • Hot DrinksCHF 2.-
  • BeerCHF 5.-
  • Glass of Wine - 1 dlCHF 5.-
  • Bottle of Romandie WineCHF 16.-

Desserts E

  • Mont Blanc DessertCHF 7.-
  • Dessert of the dayCHF 4.-

Savor Our Specialties

Explore through our photos the enticing mix of local and international flavors offered at the Geneva Hostel.

Round-the-Clock Culinary Comfort

At Geneva Hostel, we understand that access to food and drinks at any time of the day is essential for our guests. That's why we provide a range of appliances accessible 24/7 to satisfy your cravings at any hour, without leaving the comfort of the hostel.

Our goal is to provide you with easy and convenient access to a variety of dining options, ensuring you'll always find something to your taste, regardless of the time. Enjoy this freedom of choice to make your stay even more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Drink Dispenser

Whether you're in the mood for a quick refreshment like a soda or water, our dispenser is always ready to serve you.

Easy Snacking

Snacks for light hunger are available through our snack dispenser, offering a varied selection for all tastes.

Coffee Machine

For coffee lovers, our coffee machine offers quality hot drinks at any time, perfect for starting the day or for an afternoon boost.


Easily warm up your meals with our accessible microwave, ensuring your dishes stay hot and tasty.

Ice Cream Dispenser

For a sweet treat, our ice cream dispenser is here to offer you a refreshing break at any time.

SiSiSi Machine for Pasta Dishes

Innovative and unique, the SiSiSi machine quickly heats pasta dishes with its rapid steam technology, providing a hot and delicious meal in just 60 seconds, perfect for those looking for a quick and satisfying meal option.


“ At Geneva Hostel, every meal is a discovery: Fresh ingredients turned into simple and flavorful dishes by our passionate chefs. ”

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